About Me…

My name is Tony Mogan and this is my blog. Stupid introduction. Chances are you already know me and I’ve shamelessly thrown links at you for this place, and of course you know it’s a blog.

Should also mention that I’m a journalism student at Kingston University. Anyway, I started writing this thing as part of a university module but fully intend to keep it up once the deadline passes, even if the only people reading it are my mum and myself.

I may not be the most opinionated person on some of life’s heavyweight issues, but if there is one thing I could chat for ages about with anyone, it’s football. That’s basically what I’m doing here, hammering whatever worldly thoughts I have on my mind into a computer and hoping someone has a read somewhere down the line. At the same time, I want to have a bit of a laugh with it.

Hope you enjoy reading it.



  1. Nathan Carr says:

    Hello mate.

    Had a good look through – very impressive and full of humour.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Paul Hurley says:

    Could you drop me a quick email re some potential writing work? Thanks

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