Three Lung Park In Frog Juice Revelation

Posted: March 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Cue an appallingly bad pun competition.

An interview with Manchester United’s Korean star Park Ji Sung appeared in The Sun today, where he revealed that nutritious frog juice took precedence over orange squash during his childhood, in a bid to strengthen up the future Red Devil.

Park Ji Sung

"You drink frogs in your home country..."

“They said it was good for my health to become stronger and I ate anything that would improve my health,” said Park of his bizarre childhood diet.

The article went on to explain how Park’s father would regularly visit frog farms for a frequent pick up. His mother would then boil them up and serve for a young Park. His doting dad also took up a job in a butcher’s shop, in order to get the best cuts of meat for his growing lad.

United’s goal hero against Liverpool last Sunday has been a fantastic servant since his arrival at Old Trafford, where his tenacity and tireless work rate quickly made him a fan favourite, with his signature fan chant ringing around Old Trafford routinely.

The story is likely to spawn a few wise cracks…

I’ll get my coat.


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