Legend Of The Week

Posted: March 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Legend Of The Week and Tw*t Of The Week are weekly features I have been meaning to do for a while, but with the colossal number of Tw*ts per week outweighing Legends per week, the idea stalled for a bit. Now though, I’m ready to kick it off with everyone’s favourite Irish, *ahem* midfield general, Glenn Whelan.


In the immediate aftermath of Aaron Ramsey’s horrible leg break Saturday evening, one man kept his cool. The 26-year-old Irish man was the first player over to the fallen Ramsey’s side, attempting to comfort him while those around him struggled to contain their hysteria and emotion.

 In an interview with The Sun, Whelan said;

“The lad was in a lot of distress and we just wanted the medics and the physio’s to get on as soon as possible. He kept wanting to look at his leg but I could see how bad it was and I wouldn’t let him. He was in shock.

I told him just to think about something else and hold on until the ambulance men arrived and they could do their job. It was very hard for me to see a fellow professional in that much pain. You don’t ever want to see that but I just wanted to keep him calm for as long as possible.

In situations like that, players from both sides come together for the player. I saw and heard the tackle when it happened. He’s a good lad and we all just want to see him recover as quickly as possible.”

Whelan’s admirable act has not received much recognition, as you might expect, but he deserves his plaudits for the way he handled himself. While Sol Campbell, the most experienced man on the pitch chased down the ref for a spot of ranting and raving, Whelan very sensibly tried to keep Ramsey distracted.

I know it’s difficult to judge a professional’s behaviour after such a grisly moment where common sense and emotions tend to fly out the window, but Whelan kept his head commendably, while everyone else was losing theirs.

Anymore contenders for this acclaimed award? Suggest ’em.


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