Exhilarating Day Of Football Marred by Ramsey Injury

Posted: March 2, 2010 in Uncategorized
Aaron Ramsey

Distraught Stoke and Arsenal players alike call for the bench.

Last Saturday we witnessed all that is great, and all that is God-awful in the game, all within a couple of hours. A personal confrontation between Wayne Bridge and John Terry that received as much build up as Mayweather vs Hatton reaching a crescendo followed by a thrilling game of football that saw almost everyone’s champions elect in Chelsea ruthlessly battered by a much better team on the day, lead by the much better dressed Italian manager.

By three o’ clock Saturday afternoon, it was looking as if nothing would steal Sunday’s back page headlines from Mancini, Bridge and the Manchester City contingent.

However by around half 7 that evening, Aaron Ramsey’s horrific leg break, a result from a poor challenge from Stoke’s Ryan Shawcross put a dampener on what would of otherwise been a fantastic advertisement for all that is glorious about the Premier League. All the personal battles, great goals and hilariously ill-tempered post match interviews could not help us forget the fact that one of the Premier League’s brightest young talents suffered a career threatening injury, one that eerily coincides with Eduardo’s leg break, almost exactly two years ago.

Had Ramsey not gone down with half of his leg hanging on by a thread, Saturday the 27th February would of been remembered for Wayne Bridge turning down his tormentor-in-chief’s offer of a pre-match handshake and Carlos Tevez and Craig Bellamy making John Terry and Ricardo Carvalho appear to be pub-team quality. Chelsea’s title hopes were dented and City’s own aspirations were strengthened in the process.

But the expressions of Cesc Fabregas, Thomas Vermaelen and even Ryan Shawcross himself later that evening said it all. Shock, disappointment and a hint of nausea had shrouded what would have otherwise been a great day of footie. To Arsenal’s, and particularly Fabregas’ and Vermaelen’s eternal credit, they recovered to slam two late goals in to collect three points. News that Ramsey has undergone a “successful” operation is further consolation for Arsenal fans.

But the horrific nature of the young Welshman’s injury is enough to pre-occupy the minds of even the most resolute Arsenal fans, at least for now.

One positive conclusion to the Arsenal match is that we definitely have a title race back on our hands. Bring it on.

  1. Rofe says:

    Nasty injury, Ramsey’s Kicked Shin Nightmares.

  2. Great post man,really well said, it was a really good match until the lunge on Aaron Ramsey, looking forward for more…

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